Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ Technologies

The new Nissan LEAF® is equipped with eco-friendly Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ technologies that can help you reduce your carbon footprint. These innovative features maximize the efficiency of your car without sacrificing power or the caliber of performance. New iterations of our EV battery, the cutting-edge e-Pedal and the convenient Vehicle to Home energy-saving system are just a few of the updates you'll see in the Nissan LEAF®. Additionally, Nissan has more than 2,000 quick charge stations in the U.S., making sustainable driving easier than ever.

Future Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ Technologies

There are many Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ technologies still in development for more fuel efficient and autonomous vehicles. Have you heard of the Nissan IMx with Brain-to-Vehicle technology? This next level Nissan concept crossover allows you and your vehicle to bond more than ever before via brain waves. Plus, Nissan wants to develop fully autonomous cars that communicate with each other and electric vehicles that charge themselves on the road.

Get behind the wheel of a new Nissan to discover how Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ can upgrade every moment you spend on Iowa's roads. Stay tuned for future Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ technologies including more autonomous technology and advances in EVs.